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Is a patent necessary?

posted Monday 21 of February 2011 by David [patent filing]


Ask yourself this question: "what's your ultimate goal?" It is probably one or more of those listed below:
to prevent others from being able to patent or use your invention
to profit from your invention through licensing the technology
to preserve your rights to obtain patent protection while you develop the invention for financial gain
to create a visible example of your contributions to society's body of technical knowledge
to protect the outward ornamental appearance of your work of industrial art
to make the invention publicly available so that others can freely benefit from your invention
to maintain an advantage over your competition.
Identifying your goals is critical to determining the most appropriate steps you should take to protect your invention. Your goals affect your entire strategy. Your goals directly affect costs as well. For example, if your primary goal is NOT to realize a financial return, but rather to disclose your technology to the public so that others may benefit from your efforts, one option is the filing of a Statutory Invention Registration application. In this case, costs are significantly reduced. The Statutory Invention Registration (S.I.R.) allows you to obtain a visible record of your contribution to society's storehouse of technical knowledge--the Patent Office publishes the S.I.R. much like a patent in the Official Gazette of the U.S. Patent Office, except that anyone may now make, use, or sell your invention without first obtaining your permission.

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When you think you might have an invention with sales potential, immediately discuss the idea with a registered patent practitioner
Ensure you sketch all significant elements of your invention on paper, writing as much detail and comments regarding its' operation
After creating any descriptions or sketching your invention, ensure a witness (or even two) sign the paper to support your claim

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