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Do I have to write very detailed description of known devices used in my invention(conveyor,PC), if what is claimed is a new process(function) performed by these devices? There could be plenty of embodiments of these known devices used in invention, but the invention is a new use of a combination of these devices. Do I have to state every little technical detail(and how to make them) in the description, or i can write description in more general terms?

posted Tuesday 17 of July 2012 by Theodore [patent searches]


No, you don't have to include detail on known technologies as long as you reference some material that has the information you need. You can incorporate other patents or articles by reference for example, or include in an appendix. Where you know someone of ordinary skill would know how to combine, you can state this (but this is a bit tricky, because such statements can haunt you later).

In any case, be sure and describe every interface with your invention and how they interact though. By the way, this is one of those experience things that a patent attorney can help you with. So see a patent attorney if you can afford one.

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