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Ask Dr. Patentstein to Download a US Patent (PDF Format)

To download a copy of a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in PDF format, please enter the patent numbers below. See the example patent number list below for all formats we support.

TIP: To download a ZIP archive of multiple patents in PDF format, enter all patent numbers separated by a comma (,).

Patent Number(s) – seperate multiple numbers with ","
Patent Number Examples
05123456 (utility patent) X0000001 (X-patent, pre-1836)
D0365123 (design patent) PP012835 (plant patent)
RE035136 (reissue patent) T0106201 (defensive publication)
H0001520 (statutory invention registration) AI000318 (additional improvement)

Patentstein.com provides Da Vinci DesignŽ services through Da Vinci Partners LLC

Providing initial English-language answers to your English, French or German questions about international patent and trademark matters, more specifically, US, European and Chinese patent and trademark law and the related registration processes.

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